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New Era Management International:

Bringing Better Sales, Hiring & Management Tools to Businesses Worldwide

New Era Management International is a global business management consulting company developed by Patrick Valtin, a successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, business consultant and management coach.

Patrick Valtin, founder of the No-Fail Hiring®, New Era Selling® and Crisis Buster® systems, has extensive experience in hiring, sales management and business consulting. He is a 24-year veteran coach and trainer in the business management and human resources field and has personally trained 85,000 business owners and executives in over 30 countries on the subjects of business strategy, leadership, hiring, recruiting, sales, marketing, ethics and more.

The New Era Management® collection features PROVEN tools, techniques and assessments uniquely developed by Valtin to improve business success in the following fields:

Hiring • Sales • Business Ethics • Profitization in a Down Economy • And More

No-Fail Hiring® is Valtin’s ultimate how-to guide for successful hiring and more efficient and effective human resources practices. It is a key guide to recruiting and hiring top players in even the most competitive industries. You'll be able to avoid costly mis-hires, preserve HR resources and hire only the best by incorporating the easy-to-implement hiring practices of the No-Fail Hiring® system into your business.

A much-acclaimed sales management series, New Era Selling® is Valtin's solution for higher conversion rates, faster closes and more sales revenue — period. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the New Era Selling® system makes bigger sales figures easily achievable. Simply equip your sales team with Valtin's unique and PROVEN sales management tools, and watch as revenues rise.

At New Era Management International, we understand that times are tough — and that many small and medium-sized businesses face a number of unique challenges into today's economic climate that require equally unique solutions. That's where our services comes into play. We can help in any part of your business, from Marketing to Hiring, no matter how big or small your company is. We will present you with crucial marketing strategies and techniques for staying profitable in any economic climate.

So what are you waiting for? Time is money, and we want you to get the most money out of your time possible!

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