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PatrickValtinNew Era Management International, an M2-TEC USA, Inc. company, was founded by Patrick V. Valtin.

Mr. Valtin has extensive experience on an international basis in the fields of management consulting and training. His specialties as a consultant extend from recruitment to sales and sales management, leadership, organization and corporate strategy.

His professional experience with US and European corporations in addition to his early background as a salesman (started at the age of 15) gave him a strong taste for down-to-earth management principles which can be applied by pragmatic business owners around the world.

Mr. Valtin has traveled to more than 30 countries over the last 22 years and has trained more than 75,000 people in the areas of sales, marketing, Human Resources Development, organization and leadership. His customers and seminar attendees have come from all industries, from growing businesses to multinational corporations.

Professionals having attended Patrick’s seminars include representatives of Re-Max, Century 21, Motorola, AIG, American Hospital Supply, Travenol, Unilever, EDF, GDF, France Telecom, ATT Canon, Assurance Generale, Zurich Insurance, Lendl, Coffee Lavazza, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Applix, Postcardmania, etc.

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With a MBA from USC in 1982 (Master of international Business Studies), he also graduated from the “Hubbard Organization Executive Course” in 1992, a specialized course for consulting business owners and executives of small-to-medium sized companies. The Hubbard Management System is used by over 185,000 companies and has received worldwide recognition as a unique, practical management system for those who thrive to succeed.

Mr. Valtin is still Chairman of U-Man Belgium, one of the biggest consulting & training firms in Europe. He is the former President of The Hubbard Management Consultants Association in Europe, as well as a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Hubbard College of Administration, International (Los Angeles).

Mr. Valtin is the author of the NO-FAIL-HIRING™ System, a practical method of recruiting. He is also the author of the NEW ERA SELLING™ System, a down-to-earth method that can help boost any sales activity. He has written books and developed diagnostic tools on the following subjects:

  • Personal Sales efficiency
  • Audit of the sales force
  • Recruitment/pre-selection of candidates
  • Personal Performance evaluation
  • Personal Productivity
  • Company’s strategy

Mr. Valtin is married and has 3 children. The family currently resides in Clearwater, Florida.


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"Two years ago I used just one principle given by Patrick Valtin over one hour lecture. It allowed me to close business deals for more than 50 million USD in the next few months. The principles presented in his New era Selling seminar are the most effective I have ever come across in my professional career."

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