Client Successes

Postcardmania Booms Sales with the New Era Selling Seminar

JoyGendusa"We had been fortunate enough to have encountered Patrick Valtin four years ago and have had him deliver his unprecedented sales workshop every year since. Having attended sales workshops using other systems by other consultants, I can honestly say that Patrick's New Era Selling workshop is by far the most effective in terms of what I need – the sales numbers climbing. That's the view from a distance. From up close I see my team more dedicated, more caring (for the customer) and more causative over their numbers. Patrick does his homework too. Every year he researches our industry and our competition so that he really understands what my team is up against so that he can teach them the tools appropriately for immediate implementation. Besides all that, which is the main point of course, he is a wonderful person and it is an absolute pleasure doing business with him." – Joy Gendusa, Founder of Postcardmania.


An International Business Consultant Praises Patrick Valtin's Passion for Results

LynnIrons"I have known Mr. Patrick Valtin for over 16 years and he has assisted me in training my executives and staff for several major international projects. Without his advice, workshops, seminars and training sessions we would never have had the success that we did. His specialties are recruitment, sales, marketing and organization efficiency and he definitely got results. Should I ever need these services again, I would instantly call on him." – Lynn Irons, President, Management Training International


ATManagement from Athens, Greece, Praises Patrick Valtin's Passion for Results

GiannisBogdanos"I have known Mr. Patrick Valtin for over 8 years. He comes to Greece often for our consulting company. Our Greek public loves Patrick like no other trainer or speaker. His sales and marketing seminars are the most popular ones, because Patrick has a unique talent to give people practical tips which lead to immediate application and results. Every time Patrick comes to Athens he draws huge crowds of business people; his reputation alone sells the tickets – whatever is the subject of his seminar.

Patrick Valtin's recruitment seminar is also by far the most practical and effective one on the subject. We have had clients who attested after this seminar that they were able to hire good employees entirely by themselves – for the first time in their career. Patrick has made this sensitive and complex subject an easy-to-understand one, with the most effective interview procedure available on the market.

Patrick has also helped our company in challenging times. His advices have allowed us to increase our sales & marketing effectiveness by over 200%. It is not just his professional approach that makes Patrick Valtin a very valuable consultant or trainer. It is also that above it all is his willingness to help and his unlimited dedication to have his customers or friends succeed in business and in life.

I strongly recommend Patrick Valtin to anyone who is looking for effective help in business or in life. Patrick loves to tackle his customers' challenges as if they were his own, which is why he always comes up with the right solutions. His expertise in the Hubbard Management technology makes him a top professional in the consulting and training fields, no matter what industry he is touching." – Giannis Bogdanos, President ATManagement, and owner of Oikodomein


A Detox Center & Health Club Booms After Patrick Valtin Consults on Sales & Marketing

DimitrisTsoukalas "I would like to thank you for your help in saving my company. As you recall about a year ago I was in a very difficult situation since I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotion and marketing to no avail. I had spent a lot of money and I was in a desperate situation.

I had virtually no new customers and my sales department was in a terrible condition. Then you helped me on finding the best promotional actions for my company and guided me on how to set up my sales department. With your help and coaching I started promoting and applying this new sales viewpoint.

Now less than a year later the scene is completely different. My sales are about 5 times higher. I have at the moment 500-700 people reaching for services every week and things keep getting better.

In the midst of the international crisis, without your priceless advice and help, I believe my condition would have been desperate. Instead we are now really booming and are in continuous expansion.

Thank you!" – Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, MD and Executive Director Detox Center, Athens Greece


A Real Estate Developer Makes Millions with the New Era Selling System

IdoFischler"Two years ago I used just one principle Patrick Valtin had given in a one hour lecture. It allowed me to close business deals for more than 50 million USD in the next few months. The principles presented in his New Era Selling seminar are the most effective I have ever come across in my professional career." – Ido Fischler, - Real Estate Developer


A Moscow Company's General Manager Praises Patrick Valtin's Sales and Hiring Seminars

DmitriGavrin"I was fortunate to participate in one of Patrick's seminars as early as the late 90's. It was his Sales Seminar and now, ten years or so later it grew up into something really big, matured and polished to shining! The concept of not putting pressure on the customer is more critical in today's business environment where we all are under constant bombing of offers, ads, commercials, etc., and where we all to some degree became allergic to having products or services pushed on us – even before they try to open their mouth we are ready to scream, 'NO!'

I've read many books on different business subjects, including sales, and have to say that nobody has dug deeper into that subject than Patrick. Definitely, he is my favorite trainer! So, I try to be at all his seminars when he arrives to Moscow.

In order to polish my sales skills I also went to Patrick's "Purchase/Negotiation" seminar - to learn the other side of the sales process so to say. Now I know more tricks purchasing managers use against sales people. It helped me to disarm them and close faster.

Another fantastic seminar is his Recruitment Seminar - truly revolutionary, simple and unique. I wish I participated in it several years ago! Now I said 'goodbye' to all those recruiting agencies who only want your money without any responsibility for the 'product' they are selling! Now I am recruiting employees myself with confidence and certainty.

Patrick gives a fresh new look at concepts which I was losing hope to grasp in this world of enormous amounts of information. Everything becomes simple and easy to use. He gives tools necessary for handling a specific task without any need to look for further data. Every concept is being looked at from various angles to get the exact idea with thoroughly worked-out details." – Dmitri Gavrin, General Manager


A Logistic & Shipping Company Doubles its Sales after Patrick Valtin's Sales & Marketing Seminar

JozefPonist"It took my department just a few weeks after Patrick Valtin's Sales & Marketing seminar to double our sales results. We worked hard at implementing some principles shared during the seminar and it was not always easy. Good communication skills were needed to suddenly increase our communication with old customers. But we were really surprised to see how fast the results could show.

We have been using the Hubbard Management Technology in our company for a few years now and every time we implement a new principle it shows immediately in results. Patrick Valtin was very precise and gave us so many good examples to apply in OUR industry. This allowed us to take the data and to use them right away.

Thank you so much!" - Jozef Ponist, DeutschMann International Spedition, Trebisov, Slovakia


A Real Estate Broker Praises Patrick Valtin's Knowledge of Hubbard Management Technology

SaraGoldberg"Patrick Valtin helped me handle business issues which had bogged me for a long time. He spent as much time as needed to make sure that I would be able to implement his advices. The Hubbard Management technology that he represents is fantastic and to the point. I am convinced that Patrick's amazing knowledge of this technology was fundamental to my fast recovery – in business and in life.

I would recommend anyone who has trouble or big challenges - in business or in life - to use Patrick Valtin's experience, expertise and above all willingness to help. If you are looking for honest but efficient help, Patrick should definitely be on the top of your call list." – Sara Goldberg, Real Estate Broker


A Russian Real Estate Broker Praises Patrick Valtin's New Era Selling System

PavelYakovlev"The first time I saw Patrick Valtin's seminar in 1997 I got clear solutions for those troubles in sales I had at that time and how to handle them. My certainty increased and my results exploded. Later I was at several of Patrick's sales seminars where he gave a real anatomy of sales process. It was not only ways or methods of sales but also understanding what's going on with a buyer on a mental level and what can effect a buyer's decision.

I deal with sales of expensive things and real estate. And in this area if there are some troubles or something is not clear and you know that, you can see results only in several months. In this case you can depend only on real knowledge. Thanks to Patrick's New Era Selling System; I have always been able to go through all the troubles, to reach success and be the best in sales, even in the most competitive real estate markets." – Pavel Yakovlev, Real Estate Broker


A Business Ethics Specialist Praises Patrick Valtin's Unique "Power and Business Ethics" Seminar

IngridCollewjin"I loved this seminar on 'Business and Ethics' so much, because of many reasons. The first reason is that I got a priceless way to use tools from the Hubbard Management Technology to even greater efficiency. Second of all is that I can help myself and third, help others. Fourth, I understand the technology of ethics even better. Fifth, I helped my Association group by bringing this seminar to them and others.

After this great seminar on Business and Ethics, I had many realizations on how I can help others. I laughed a lot, because Patrick Valtin was so unique in presenting the data.

Two days later I helped a very close friend who had trouble in life and the results were absolutely amazing! She was laughing and was very excited about using the technology of Ethics.

Thank you Patrick for your wonderful way to bring us better understanding of a 'tough' subject. Thank you for your dedication to help people. And most of all thank you for helping my Auditors' Association." – Ingrid Collewijn, Professional Auditor & Business Ethics Specialist


The Sales Manager at Postcardmania Praises Patrick Valtin's New Era Selling System

RobbyBradshaw"I have actually been to a few sales seminars over the past 5 years and all have been good but yours was by far the best I have attended. Finding the buying argument and really getting to know the person on the other end of the phone is not only productive but it's the most important part of any sales cycle. We are continuing to drill all aspects of the seminar and I honestly feel like I'm getting better every day.

Thank you for all your help.

My stats dramatically went up the week of the seminar and I have held and increased my range." - Robby Bradshaw, PostcardMania



No-Fail Hiring
Consulting & Training Successes

eric-helle1"I must say that he is one of the best speakers and trainers that I have ever met on the field of hiring. His new book (No Fail Hiring) is really giving companies some down to earth ways to make hiring workable by showing them which parts will cost them a lot of time and money if they do not do it right. The book is well written and gives a lot of information that is much more than just helpful for a company to really find good and motivated employees for the company. This book is really a must for anyone that had/has trouble with finding the right people for his/her company." - Eric Helle, Executive Director and Owner, Executive Success Ltd


joy-gendusa1"Patrick Valtin has been training my sales team for the past 8 years. We do a 2-day training every year and even though we do it on a weekend the sales team LOVES it and they get completely reinvigorated. But more importantly our numbers have grown in these past 8 years from 8 million to 20 million. That's all that really needs to be said on that, right? Patrick is professional, a complete joy to work with and has so much experience in so many areas of business management. He has completely revamped the way we hire staff - a totally different area of expertise than sales but he is equally proficient and because of his system we have the hardest working, competent, and upbeat team of employees anywhere! I can't say enough about Patrick! I highly HIGHLY recommend both his sales training and his hiring system. He's a genius and a wonderful person."- Joy Gendusa, CEO PostcardMania, and Inc. 500 Business


dianestene1"I first met Patrick at a seminar he was delivering and was immediately impressed by his command of the subject of the presentation. Later, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Patrick and the professionalism that he brings to everything he does really shined. Patrick truly cares about his clients and wants to help them succeed in life and business." - Diane D. Stein, President, Online & Social Media Public Relations, JoTo Extreme PR


ben-ochart1"I can attest that he writes from direct proven experience. Unlike other authors who make up theories that move through the working world like fads of fashion, Patrick provides a tested and proven hiring technology. Techniques that work and get results. Any company that is interested in building a great team of employees, without the expensive and frustrating hit-and-miss that comes with hiring the wrong people, would benefit tremendously by following the steps discussed in Patrick's "No Fail Hiring." - Ben Ochart, Sales Rep & Seminar Speaker, Sterling


keithlegg1"As an experienced business consultant, and area I tend to work in with a client is their personnel department. Having read Patrick’s book and done his workshop on the same subject, I can say my dealings in the personnel area with clients has greatly improved. Times are changing in the US and we must be more vigilant in our hiring procedures. Patrick’s book lays out a very surefire method of finding the right people for your business. Highly recommended!" - Keith B. Legg, Certified Master Consultant, President, Effective Business Solutions


myra1"Patrick’s NO FAIL HIRING system provides a comprehensive system to truly attract top performers. Using his NO FAIL HIRING system, I have been able to help PostcardMania reach a whole new standard on the hiring line. From his recommendations on how to write a good company profile, to a comprehensive job description, on through to his specific layout of targeted questions in the interview process, we have been able to take his wide range of tools and tailor them to our exact needs.

Besides getting frequent compliments from job candidates on the orderliness of the hiring process and how informative all the materials are to their understanding of the company and the position of interest, we have been able to reach a much better rate of successful 90 day introductory period completions with those newly hired staff continuing on as a valuable part of the PostcardMania team. I attended Patrick’s seminar in April of 2011 and by June had his program fully tailored to our needs and implemented completely.

Through tabulating hire information and staff successfully completing their 90 day period over the course of 2010 and 2011, we found that 2011 had 9 of its months with a higher percentage of hired staff successfully through their 90 day introductory period compared with 2010!

I addition to this, the number of staff through their 90 day period cumulative has gone on a constant uptrend since late 2010 when I first took over the hiring and establishment duties and just recently reach a whole new plateau.

These tools have enabled me to me better at my job overall and better isolate those candidates that are best suited for any particular position." - Myra Lander, HR Manager, PostcardMania


Digicon"Patrick provided Digicon with No-Fail Hiring practices and principles. It included coaching and lessons of step-by-step best processes for day-to-day recruiting and interviewing. It's not only useful for building the long-term value in any organization, but also practical in that we had benefited from the immediate execution. Building a great team is a challenge to any leader and is vital for the success of an organization, Patrick had great insights and experiences to translate a difficult issue into a result-oriented management best practice. I recommend his approach to anyone who wants to be a successful person in life." - John Wu, President, Digicon Corp.


lee-meekcoms"Patrick provides valuable information and solutions to implement in today's challenging business environment. His expertise is remarkable and sensible approach is results driven. I recommend Patrick to anyone who has employees or is hiring new staff." - Lee Meekcoms, Managing Partner, Parklane Real Estate Services


jimmathers"No Fail Hiring works! Simple, effective techniques to save you time, money and effort. I use these tools for my own business. I highly recommend anyone who has to hire employees to take advantage of this information." - Jim Mathers, President, Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.


kathy-wach"Patrick has helped provide us with insight into the hiring process that we have received nowhere else. Through the book, personal help and through his seminars he has become a friend to Accelerated Training Solutions. I highly recommend NO FAIL HIRING to anyone who is in business. It could save you from grief and the loss of thousands of dollars." - Kathy Wach, President, Accelerated Training Solutions


SimonEyes"We recently starting using Patrick Valtin's 'No Fail Hiring' approach in our practice, and already we've seen an improvement in the quality of hires that we have done. His step by step guidelines make it very clear how to implement the program. Immediately after he presented to us, we did hire at least 10 people to fill posts, and so far they are all working out well. I think it has really helped us narrow down our candidates to those who have the potential for success. Thanks to the system, we haven't needed to do as much hiring recently - which is a good thing! Thanks so much for your help." - Kate Watson, Simon Eye Associates


greg-moore"Patrick is a very unique individual. He demonstrates his brilliance as a communicator by addressing very complex subjects and breaking them down to basic simplicities. Whenever I hear Patrick speak I come away with key data that I can use daily to simplify my life. He has proven himself yet again with his latest book No Fail Hiring." - Greg Moore, Trainer, Exec Life Coaching


katerina-karadima"I've known Patrick Valtin for more than 20 years. He was the COB of UMAN INTERNATIONAL (I was the owner and Executive Director of U-MAN HELLAS at that time) and I have to say that his knowledge and experience about hiring (and not only hiring) were and are beyond any belief. He is a person who is continually searching to find more and more in this subject or any other that he is involved, something which is making him an expert. I have gained a lot of knowledge about this subject and a lot of others from him, because he has the ability to pass his knowledge to others too!" - Katerina Karadima, Owner, U-MAN HELLAS LTD


SimonEyes"I have implemented Patrick's No Fail Hiring system in my company and it has worked perfectly. Patrick came to my business to deliver a workshop and did an excellent job. I have been hiring for 27 years and this is the best system I have ever used. I highly recommend Patrick and his system." - Chuck Simon, Simon Eye Associates, hired Patrick as a Business Consultant in 2011


liz-coppoli-whitter"Patrick has a thorough knowledge of the administration of personnel matters, which he has shared with his clients worldwide. He is genuinely interested in helping other executives improve the conditions of their work places and he has been doing this for over 20 years. Patrick is so effective in his area of expertise that other business owners I know personally, use and recommend his services." - Liz Coppoli Whitter, Owner, ECW-Future, Inc.


MarryRoz"Patrick is an exceptional talent with unmatched abilities to help boom any business. He has an unbelievable track record of not only exploding the statistics (out the top) of any company lucky (and smart) enough to hire him, but of turning around a failing company and pointing them back towards prosperity. Patrick's services are demanded world-wide, so I feel doubly privileged to have him reside and give seminars in my local area." - Merry Rosenfield, hired Patrick as a Business Consultant in 2009


standubin"Patrick understands the technology of selling. He understands first and foremost that there IS a technology of selling. Just as importantly, he has figured out how to get this technology communicated to others in a way that produces RAVE results. Not results like: ‘Wow, I feel so much better having done this seminar with Patrick.’ But results like: ‘My closes are way up. And they've been way up ever since I attended Patrick's seminar. Highly recommended. Without reservation.’ - Stan Dubin, Owner, Workable Solutions


sandra-simmons"Patrick, without a doubt, gives the BEST sales training. Think selling is tough? Not when Patrick trains you! If you haven't had the opportunity to be at a seminar or work with him one-on-one, you owe it to yourself to contact him today." - Sandra Simmons, Owner, Money Management Solutions, Inc.


SimonEyes"I went from knowing nothing about HR to being able to interview and hire candidates who are in fact candidates whom I want working in the company. No more wasted time hiring and training someone who turns out to be 'nothing but trouble' or a 'waste of time and money'. It's fast, it's easy and it works. With the No Fail Hiring I have the tools and more importantly to me the certainty to hire the people I know will produce the needed and wanted products and help carry out the big picture of the company." - Erin F. Godfrey, Simon Eye Associates



I took your class in Rockville, Maryland with Digicon on September 21st and unfortunately I’m only just getting around to emailing you.

I just wanted to say that without a doubt in my (sigh!) 25 years of Project Management that this was the best class I have ever attended. Your presentations and your information were invaluable and I look forward to possibly attending more classes in the future.

I’m writing this because I think all too often you only get complaints in our business – but this class was awesome.

Thank you!" - Tim Braun, Project Manager, Digicon Corp.


Digicon"We are seeing significantly improved results with the No Fail Hiring system. Our applicants have commented that it was the best interview they’ve ever had with our questions showing depth of interest and challenging the applicant as well. Our hiring managers like the results they are experiencing with the new process and feel that we have avoided a few less desirable hires to date as well. Overall, the new process has been a positive change and it has been a true pleasure working with Patrick!!" - Karen Mirolli, Recruitment Manager, Digicon Inc.


No-Fail Hiring Book Successes

The No-Fail Hiring™ Book has garnered praise not only from international business owners and CEOs, we've also collected praises from published critics and professional book reviews all across the nation!


les-rosen1"No-Fail Hiring is clearly the one book that quickly gives the reader the essential walkway points for effective hiring and an action plan in an easy to follow format. With all of the pressure of running a business in the real world, this book is the real-world solution to achieving success in business by hiring and retaining the best." - Lester S. Rosen, Attorney at Law, author of "The Safe Hiring Manual", President of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), co-chair of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners)


joy-gendusa1"There is nothing like this on book shelves that I have ever seen. I feel my eyes have been opened to host of processes that will save us thousands upon thousands of dollars. VERY well written!" - Joy Gendusa, CEO PostcardMania (Inc. 500)





Pat1"I was searching for a reference on hiring, and have found a jewel! No Fail Hiring is a must read. It helps the manager and HR keep in tune with the changing times and covers every possible element from legal to marketing to the hiring process itself. It is going to become a trusted source in the business world." - Patrick J. Clouden, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc., one of the nation's top energy consulting firms.


craigs1"This is the best book I have seen on this subject! It really gives great perspective and fantastic, workable tools in this area, one we can all benefit from! Get it and use it!" Craig Ferreira, Chairman & CEO Survival Strategies, Inc.


DonPearson1"It would be a grave error for any CEO or HR to miss having this book as a ready reference. It should be THE book for managers who have anything to do with hiring." - Don Pearson, Executive Vice President, Group Publisher Government Technology Media, a division of e.Republic, Inc.


melkleiman1"It is not often you find a book on better selection that is as pragmatic and practical as this one. It not only tells you what you need to do to hire better employees but gives you the tools, tips and technique you need in a simple to use and understand manner." - Mel Kleiman, CSP, Author of "Hire Tough, Manage Easy," President of Humetrics, Inc.


ben-kugler1"No Fail Hiring is a sourcebook, a guide, a roadmap, and a reference to successful hiring. It is the best out there on the subject." - Ben Kugler, Chief Operating Officer of dreamGEAR, LLC



tony-rockliff1"Patrick Valtin's and LD "No Fail Hiring" is a brilliant book that puts employers in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing who to hire and who not to. It provides certainty on the exact characteristics of people who will give you endless trouble if you hire them - as well as those who will be wonderful employees. Highly recommended." - Tony Rockliff, Owner, Tony Rockliff Productions


dr-joel-parker"Fantastic book that takes the complexity out of today's hiring scene. Yes - contrary to common complainants there are good people to hire out there but, as always, you have to find and then recognize them before you hire. This book will help you do just that. Read it and start building your team." - Dr. Joel Parker, President, Professional Business Solutions


"Patrick's book 'No Fail Hiring' is a very easy to understand book but powerful for the individual who wishes to avoid highly costs and failures in hiring. It gives you the tools necessary in this economy. I recommend also attending his workshop where he goes over his book in detail." - Angelika Zimmermann, hired Patrick as a Business Consultant in 2010


budreichel"I have personally used No-Fail Hiring and have found over and over again that if you do the exact steps given in the book, you cannot go wrong. You will actually be able to hire the exact right person for the job and do it in such a manner that you can avoid a multitude of problems later on. The other important point is that you can train your staff to use it. It is fully systematized. When you use it a couple of times, you become a believer. Especially when your new personnel are truly productive and are quickly made into confident, competent team members." - Bud Reichel, Coach/Consultant, Executive Life Coaching


kevin-wilson"Patrick knows his subject matter. He's been involved in the real world of hiring for many, many years and has successfully recruited thousands of people. He has a track record only a handful of people could approach. His book ‘No Fail Hiring’ is easy to follow and apply. No business owner should be without it!" - Kevin Wilson, Chairman & CEO, Sterling


brucewiseman"Patrick is quite simply one of the world's foremost hiring experts. Readers will be treated to hiring advice by the master himself." - Bruce Wiseman, Owner, On Target Research


curry-chaudoir"You are an incredible guy. Your hiring suggestions, as outlined beautifully in your new book, No Fail Hiring, along with your consulting advice over the years is exceptional and exchange in abundance.

There is so much reality and TRUTH in the book you recently released. I have had no less than 10 of my own clients benefit from buying and using make my life so much easier for the people I consult who struggle with the travails of terrible hiring processes that are the norm.

I also have to report: our first hiring cycle via many of the tools you have given is a DONE!!!!! We hired someone who is TRULY INCREDIBLE and we really, really applied your tools, modified, of course for our particular business and needs. She is a wonderful addition to the team and will likely become one of our best hires, something that has value beyond money or words as you well know. Crazy, how many things lined up in the cycle of hiring her, so much was RIGHT about it. HIRE HARD, MANAGE EASY!!!! I Love It!

Thank you so much!" - Curry Chaudoir, Dipl.Ac. - Member: Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates


davidsanders"Patrick Valtin's hot new book, No Fail Hiring, was very eye-opening to me. I have been helping people with their personnel problems for over 3 decades and given our increasingly complex HR environment, this is the best book I've seen to bring one up to speed. In fact, I went ahead and attended Patrick's workshops on hiring and plan to use what I learned with my own clients. Thanks very much for this excellent contribution to a critical area of business." - David Sander, Management Consultant


drarculeo"Over the last few years I had a string of staff problems. After firing one staff a few months ago, I said 'enough is enough'. I had calculated this one staff had probably lost our business over $100,000 as well as good will of our customers. I realized I did not know enough about hiring. A leading business consultant recommended Patrick Valtin. He said, ‘Patrick had THE hiring system.’ He was right. I studied and applied his simple but comprehensive No-Fail Hiring system. The way I did hiring in the past was 'no system' in comparison to using the system and relied on luck and feelings.

I have now better staff on my team, who are producing and we'll probably have our best year ever. Also, I have much more confidence in how to hire great staff predictably and with a system that anyone of my staff can help me with to administrate the process.

The No Fail Hiring system has been super valuable to us. It is so systematic and ‘turn-key,’ we just follow the steps and are reaping the benefits with a much better team, morale and overall performance. Thanks!" - Dr Steve Arculeo, Peak Performance Health Care


artemaren"Patrick Valtin's book, NO FAIL HIRING is a compendium on the BEST and most EFFECTIVE methods of hiring to ensure that the hire is productive and motivated towards the growth of your company. Highly Recommended." - Arte Maren, author of: The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


Sales and Marketing
Consulting & Training Successes

"Something unbelievable happened to me! I was about to make several key decisions in my business but I stuck in a "may be" condition. It is like a big difference between getting information or data and being in the condition when you just know!

Patrick helped me a lot to get rid of a ‘maybe’ condition. Patrick is able to emphasize small details and later you find out that it was not a small detail... These ‘maybes’ are in the life of every person till the moment he is getting the state of knowingness.

Probably Patrick has the phone number of God or his e-mail or some other way of direct comm line. Or may be Patrick has a wave transformer that is going the matter and transforms it (I think even the Pope would like to have one).

Big thank you to LRH, Patrick and my partners during the seminar and to organizers - HCA." - Stanislav Shelepin.


"I knew nothing about the subject. During the seminar everything was given to us in an understandable way with easy language. I got 10 good successful ideas that are easy to implement, does not require big investments and are VERY effective. In my business and life everything changed to the better." - B.A., founder (Smilegroup holding)


"I just graduated from University with the specialty ‘Public Relations’. When I found a job in this area I was in doubt that I would be able to handle the post. It seems today I received more examples and practical advice than I received during the 5 years I spent in University. Soon you will hear about me as a successful PR specialist. I just need some time to implement my ideas. I and my company will become known. Thank you!" - Z.E. PR Manager (Saga).


"About one year ago (in February 2010) I had some difficulties in establishing of my business and I could not find what I was doing wrong, why I was putting a lot of efforts but profit was not growing. I went to Patrick's Valtin seminars on sales/marketing. After the seminar during dinner I described my situation to Patrick and asked for advice. Patrick said: "Call all your clients and friends and ask them to give you contacts of other people and companies. I said thank you to Patrick, but I had a thought that it was too simple. I was expecting that he would give me advice on how to create an advanced marketing campaign or that he would give me very smart know-how...

One year has passed and my business and my income increased 3 times. I analyzed what brought me to such results and I found out that I just implemented Patrick's advice. It was the simplest action in my situation and as practice shows the most simple thing is the most powerful!

I really admire Patrick's competence as a consultant. Thank you Patrick.

I am waiting for next seminars and will ask again for simple and powerful solutions :)" - Frolov Evgenyj.


"It gave me ideas how to handle customer objections, how to develop the communication with the customer. This was the 2nd best lecture in my life. The best one was the first lecture I have attended from Patrick last year."- Zsolt Borsi - GSM Line


"This gave me the idea how simple sales was - instead of it being difficult. With a little practice I will be able to reach big results. I would travel to any point of the Country for the next lecture of Patrick." - Krisztián Hosszú - Happy Colour Painthouse


"The wins I have had are too long to write them down. The lecturer is really charismatic; I could completely follow his lecturing. The information of this seminar should be taught at schools." - Gy.T.


"In the seminar I recognized where I go wrong in sales and found out how I can make it go right. I found it very useful. With this knowledge I can earn loads of time and money." - A.N.


"I got to know some introductory and sales solutions which I have never heard of before." - G.V.


"I do not like sales, but I realized it is needed and it is actually simple. I can use this knowledge in my company." - T.F.


"I was happy to come to the lecture, and I left rich..." - G.Zs.


"The lecturer was super professional. It was very useful for my work. I regained my self confidence." - J.B.


"As a person already working in marketing and having taken various other marketing training, I still learned new strategies that I was not already familiar with. It’s amazing to me that you were able to distill down a 2 day workshop to only 4 hours and still give us incredible nuggets of marketing tips that we can implement in our business immediately" - Dauri Kowitz


"Excellent! Great mass and doingness on marketing! This has been a great cycle especially since I am doing the Total Marketing Mastery course now. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned to my veterinary practice! Thanks!" - Cheryl Peterein


"Great - I feel hatted to take what I thought was already successful marketing to new higher level."


"If I had come to this before I started marketing my ventures, I would have spent only 60 instead of 60,000. Patrick explained the principles, we drilled the procedures and this has stripped away my false data on the subject of marketing and given me the tools and viewpoint to make it work effectively and efficiently." - Joel Anderson


"Your program was concise and valuable. It reminds me that the focus of our marketing is not the doctor or service, but in creating want/desire for our services and then to sell it. I was also reminded to keep focusing on emotion as I tend to get too logical. Loved the A.I.D.A steps. Thanks Patrick! Your delivery style is both professional and approachable." - Georgette Braudtt


"I am a complete novice in marketing, didn’t even know what to expect. Very happy with the seminar that gave the basic tools and showed how to use them. Because of Patrick’s ability to inform and demonstrate in a highly interesting manner, I am leaving with some great ideas how to market buying around in my mind and I am excited to put them to work in my business RIGHT NOW!" - Eugene Moore


"Wow! Thank you, Patrick for a great information packed four hours. You have given me the tools to develop a successful marketing strategy that will produce results. It was validating to see that we were doing some things right. Now we can refine our successful actions and succeed even more. You have an abundance of exchange!" - Dr. Monte Nighswonger


"I was able to grasp the concept of marketing from a fresh angle: perception and how to trigger those perceptions to make prospects react to your offer and eventually buy your product/ secure from you. That’s definitely the way to create want which is the marketing purpose! Thanks Patrick!" - Sergio Rodriguez


"What I love about Patrick’s seminars and workshops is how he breaks complex subjects down to simple concepts which are then easy to apply. Today was no exception and I love walking away with a toolbox of amazing marketing basics. Thank you ATS and Patrick. - Greg Moore


"It is sooooo fun to create marketing campaigns with this tech!! (Because it works!) I have been revitalized I picked up a missing piece to my not so successful flyers." - Laura Pfeiffer


"Great Seminar! This was extremely helpful in clarifying marketing needs. Thanks for the effort!" - Randy Young


"The best seminar that has the simplest applicable tech for a very large and complex subject called marketing." - Kinston Wao


"WOW! How can you top this? Is there a sequel on making my offer IRRESISTIBLE?" - George Mesmer


"Awesome Seminar; Data and presentation by Mr. Valtin. I finally understand the importance of emotion in marketing and sales. Also the positioning and 'buttons" and the 4 points. It shifted my viewpoint. Thanks You!" - Imgard H


"Great seminar! Really loved the practicals. Got over my fear of surveys. Had a win on that. Thanks!" - Debra Redalia


"Clear insights into successful and ingenious marketing strategies and practices." - John Napier


"I really appreciate the way that Patrick boils things down to easy to implement action steps. Thank You! - Beth Thompson


"Thank you! These tools are user friendly very basic and useful. Very enthusiastic knowledgeable and informative speaker. Interaction was dynamic between participants and speaker as well. I can’t wait to start using these triggers and strategies in my business." - Vickie Harella


"I actually learn the difference between, marketing as an action (outflow) and purpose marketing and directing the audience to act on my purpose. It was absolutely enlightening and I know for fact it will save me money on future marketing and makes me more certain on the subject." - Alexsandra M


"Fantastic! Very valuable data that is easily implemented into our company’s marketing program and to correct and tweak our current marketing program pieces. Thank you very much" - Jiten M


"Fantastic seminar! I believe our team will be able to put together a great promotional piece! I love the enthusiasm" - Amy Johnson


"This is a great seminar that gives the basics of marketing that must be known to make marketing a success. If your marketing isn’t bringing in people/causing a response, it’s not working right? But how many people even think about this until it’s too late? This seminar goes over how to make successful marketing work! Worth every penny! Thanks again Patrick!" - Vas Master


"Oh I get it! Hey I’m going to do the full marketing course! Great Time!" - Dennis Hill


"This was fantastic! Great data I can use immediately. This really got me pumped again about marketing our business. Fast paced, full data, great delivery! Thanks for doing this!!!" - Linda Smith


"This was a great seminar. I learned a ton in a short amount of time. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get more of a grasp on marketing." - Michael Heiney


"I love marketing; I thought I knew about marketing. I did not know any of this. I am looking forward to using this and learning more about it and helping others." - Karl Wihl


"I have a very clear picture of where we need to make our marketing to then take our business. This is key for every business owner. Thanks Patrick!" - Rafferty Pendery


"I really enjoyed this seminar it opened my eyes to come outpoints I have, but more importantly- this seminar provided solutions to these outpoints that can be handled fast. Very Fun and Informative! This will out my company way above the rest. Thank You!" - Jonica Hough


"WOW, we’ve been doing it wrong. I can see this pushing our company past the competition light years." - Glenn Hough


"I have learned new data today and a very helpful one to apply in my work… and life! Highly professional presentation. I want more! Thank you all for making these available and known." - Rigoberto Gil


"Great definitely got some key datums to use in marketing that will help me and my clients promotion! Have more certainty on what to do (and not to do) to get the results of marketing. Thank you, Patrick!" - Sally Heath


"I learned the basic stuff on how to do a marketing that works. Thanks! I had no clue. I will use it immediately." - Ernesto Garcia


"Patrick V. has some energy to attract audience. I love it. I met him on the Freewinds. The seminar is very cool. I am glad I came today. I feel like I got a lot in a short about of time. Your rock P+P!!!" - Rushy T


"Patrick precisely hits all the most important points in marketing and makes each a home run. His students totally 'get it' and this certainty enables them to succeed. I got 1000 times (or more) than I paid for this seminar, invaluable advice, perspective, ideas and solid understanding." - Deva Khalsa


"This really cleared up some things and also gave me some key major stable datums on marketing. I feel like my future marketing efforts will be at least 3X more effective." - Kurt Enget


"It was a fantastic seminar. I gained marketing tools that I can immediately use in my real estate business. I never have a scarcity of customers but I think where I can improve is targeting the customers that I really want, defining my business more and pushing to reach my goals with every promo piece, with every e-mail I send out and all the various media. I have not used much 'policy' before in my advertising I kind of just go with my gut feeling. It will be nice to apply some tech in that area." - Nikoletta Fiala


"A goal is to become more analytical. Good goal. But not good as your only tool used in marketing. Logic= Boring= No Sales. Emotional trigger - get it and sales will come. Great lesson." - Larry Trainor


"Wow, just the right seminar when I needed it, now I can put the promo together for my product much better! I would have gone neurotic without this! Invaluable." - Hermann Strijewski


Consulting & Training Successes

"It was very interesting on many levels. Being a US Marine and learning leadership, this has been great to learn more ways and have the tools to lead Jr’s, in a positive way. Very well done and great tools." - Mike Custer


"I learned that usually the reason behind poor performance is the level of understanding of their responsibilities to the business purpose and how it affects the over all success of the company." - Mike P.


"Patrick’s approach to management was terrific. He taught me about ARC & KRC. Patrick made it clear to look within before speaking with a junior. Best wishes always." - Chris Miller


"How to raise morale around the work place, even with the smallest of rewards. Recognition helps raise morale as well." - Fayette


"The data we went over was incredible! It also gave me huge reality of what the viewpoints are from my seniors etc. So that I can do better at being a junior. I had great wins, found everything we went over to be incredibly useful, and will definitely be able to apply it!" - Tiffany Mortimer


"Patrick Valtin’s seminar on leadership was great. I had previously revamped one of my areas hat write-ups, but did not include the beingness/profile of the post. It made total sense and I could relate it to past issues & even current ones.

Everything else that was gone over I had learned previously for the most part & was a great refresher. The data I did not have before was super valuable!" - Jill Carey


"I totally got so much out of the leadership seminar. The way you applied the material was so totally simple to understand and the examples were the best to match the material we were working on at the time. I am so excited to work on certain areas and 100% increase the success for PostcardMania." - Dianne Ruggerio


"I learned a lot about management tools. Some of the things I have already been applying based on my past experiences but it was very helpful to know that these are actually established tools. Patrick is very dynamic and entertaining and it was an enjoyable day." - Yvonne Rygiel


"Today’s seminar was great! It really opened my eyes to several things I wasn’t looking at before as a manager. Defining the basic purpose is just one of them. So, I really think that soon I will be seeing a lot of expansion throughout the company as these tools are applied. Thank you!!!" - Lora Abbett


"I really enjoyed the leadership seminar. This gave me some great tools to use in my position and it was great to get all of this info with the other executives at our company. I am excited to use these tools and coordinate the efforts for our company expansion." - Saskia Murphy


"Today’s leadership seminar brought up several key points that were missing both in my department & in the company in general. A basic purpose for our company, once established & known by everyone will help incredibly. Also, the idea of creating games with our competition will do wonders for morale in the company. It was really worthwhile & most enjoyable." - Richard Lander


"This seminar has helped me learn more effective tools to handle juniors, coworkers, and my own post with better focus and effectiveness. I was glad we could all do this, as a company so we could share ideas and rededicate ourselves to our purpose." - Brian Saxon


"I got a lot out of today’s seminar. The end when you talked about reasonableness was particularly helpful as that is something I have been working to correct myself on. It was great to hear your views on that subject and I really think they will help me." - Bill Ezra


"I feel like the tools I was given today to be a more effect leader will really help me improve our company’s bottom line. A lot of what was said today was kind of like 'Oh, duh, why didn’t I think of that?" It’s simple things that are the staples and so often get looked over. It’s amazing to hear it all in the context it was presented in. Patrick was an awesome presenter and I was very entertained." - Sarah Micek


"In this workshop I learned many things and it also made me realize how I can improve my area. It taught me how to go about handling problems in ways I never thought before. It made me take more responsibility on my post. I feel I can run my area a lot better now." - Elon Friedman


"I’ve covered a lot of this in SS I and II, Vol 0 and Ethics specialist. I was surprised to learn some new things and gain a more firm grasp on what I have already learned. I definitely have ways to practically apply this as a manager." - Jonathan Keane


"Today has given me a fresh new look on how to improve my area through leadership. The ideas, suggestions, and simple applications will make a huge difference in the production, morale, and over-all well being of my juniors. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I cannot wait to implement what I have learned!" - Lisa Switzer


"The biggest and most valuable point I got was the importance of clarifying and making known the basic purpose and getting it agreed upon with signatures." - Will Thorn


"I liked the way we all got reminded about the company’s benefit in having great leadership, so often we get stuck in our own divisional obstacles and we forget to think of the overall. I loved the KRC concept, and getting tips from others how to handle your particular situation was great. Thank you." - Charlotte Smith


"The main things I got out of the seminar was that we really need to establish a new Mission statement/ purpose for our company and get everyone on board and working toward it. Once that is accomplished we need to make sure all staff are aware of their depts. VFP, and that each individual post has a written VFP, beingness & hat so that all corrections on staff can be done my referring them to their written hat." - Sarah Payson


"To apply ARC to my juniors. The tools of basic purpose and job description are awesome. I now want to go over with all of my juniors these 3 points. I think there will be some fun improvements." - Anthony


"Patrick made a lot of sense today. His approach is simple enough to understand & complex enough to handle most all management challenges. He’s inspiring." - Nicholas Lorden


"I learned how I could be a better leader by putting in more validation, games and attacking the mistake that was made instead of the person. Also I need to put more hatting in." - Vicki Benjamin


"Patrick is a great speaker- I’m always excited to go to one of his seminars. The data he gives you can be applied immediately following the seminar. He brings a lot of energy to the table, keeps your interest super high and keeps it fun. Another great seminar." - Rob Bradshaw


"I had a great time at today’s seminar. I’ve been an Exec for many years & have read many policies from LRH.

One thing I found was that I didn’t always make sure my juniors knew cold their job description. This is vital & I’ve already written two today.

It was also very interesting realizing that our basic purpose doesn’t really align with the goals of PCM & what we want to obtain." - Melissa Bradshaw


"This is my third experience with Patrick as the speaker and I continue to be wowed by his Excellent Delivery of Data in a way to immediately stimulate ideas to improve conditions in work & life. I come away with a great list of 'To do's' using the tools I gained." - Patsy Perkins


"I had such a nice win to get all the managers as a team together, to get general basic tips & tech on leadership and it was such a pleasure to watch them & see the ideas.

For me the realization of the importance of the basic purpose & fully defining in & grooving it in and pushing it regularly is probably the key most important tool today.

Also the Beingness of the post – what is expected – Awesome!

There are others but this is a good start. Thanks!" - Jennifer Custer


"I had so many realizations today while going through the different tools for managing my people that I hardly know where to start, but probably the biggest one was that successful management does not really have to be a complex thing. Just by applying a few basic steps and focusing more on insuring that my people actually know and agree with what they are supposed to be doing would make a world of difference in how effective my division is in assisting the group as a whole in its fight against the enemy." - Christian Jacobsen


"After sitting through this workshop I’ve realized what is needed to help my company grow. I’ve realized what is missing & what needs to be corrected I think after this workshop the company moral will be up and we’ll have a lot more wins!!!" - Catherine


"I got ideas on how to handle my myriad of juniors and some insight to my own motivations. I also had a couple of my juniors here and I like them getting the data and being the same page as me so I won’t be the only one." - Joy Milford


More Successes!

"The New Era Selling principles are the most practical, down-to-earth ones I have ever been fortunate to know in selling. Patrick taught me how to train sales people. I increased my sales team performance by almost 100% in less than 2 years." – J.C., Sales Manager (food distribution)


"Each time Patrick has given our sales team a lecture about his New Era Selling principles, the direct impact has been at least a 15 to 20% increase in our performance – which is why we have invited him every year over the last 3 years."– J.A., Sales Manager of a marketing company


"Patrick's New Era Selling principles have helped me boom my business and almost triple my income over the last year." – B.P., business owner


"I almost doubled my sales in real estate after Patrick came to Moscow to deliver his amazing New Era Selling seminar." – A.M., real estate broker


"My sales went into screaming affluence for 3 months in a row after Patrick shared the principles from his seminar and used me as a 'guinea pig' during his demonstration." – G.H., water system sales rep


"I used The New Era Selling model to reform my approach in selling. Within less than 6 months I had my own business and have been flourishing since." – R.Z., business owner


"I was very shy in selling before I discovered the principles in this 'New Era Selling' seminar. Then I started to apply 3 key principles, and in less than 4 months I almost doubled my sales results." – S.H., sales rep of a marketing company


"I now understand the importance of relationship in selling and how to build it so that the close occurs naturally. My closing ratio more than doubled after 2 days of seminars with Patrick." – M.A., freelance insurance agent


"When Patrick came to our country to deliver his lecture on his workbook principles, I was very skeptical, as we live and work in a very competitive market. But a friend had told me I shouldn't miss it. So I went. Since then, our business has increased by more than 50%, in just over 7 months." – R.J., business owner


"This seminar on power and ethics in business was totally awesome! I have a new view of the ethics technology and I really enjoyed it a lot and can't wait until the next one!" – Carla Betancourt


"I'm going to look at my life and see what I want to do with it" – Jesse Borden


"Thanks for giving me data to help me make a difficult decision I was thinking on." – Alain Correa


"Learning about personal power was very interesting to me. I enjoyed it a lot! I know now I have to use the tools I have instead of just not confronting them. This was very cool!" - Bella Salinas


"It was very fun and helpful. I noticed that I was being serious while playing soccer and that was the reason I was messing up. But I think I can be in power now and stop any seriousness." - Joey Collewijn


"This really cleared up my entire life in terms of what I am doing in this lifetime. I have seen people without purpose and without production, and I could tell, but never connected it with power. Now I know how to handle it." – Adam Mortimer


"Patrick was great! He completely held my interest and taught me a lot about flows, energy and power. All very immediate, applicable data." – Reilly Mortimer


"I had a number of huge realizations about life. They were so basic, the type where you wonder how you operated without them. Thank you hugely for putting this on; Patrick Valtin is such a great speaker. The biggest win was with the definition of serious. This is directly applicable to business and life! Thanks again!" – Luke Wilkens


"I really enjoyed this seminar about power and the technology of ethics. It was good to look at power more closely and how to apply it to specific situations in life. It amazes me again and again how much you can do and change someone's life with just one datum." – Lara Lang


"I loved the seminar from Patrick Valtin on Business Ethics! Learning about power was awesome and all of the info was really cool. I will apply this for sure. Patrick was a great speaker – I really enjoyed it!" – Tiffany Pearce


"This seminar about power and ethics in business was really awesome. It definitely had some information that I need and will help me with my goals. Now the conditions relate to me more and I understand them a lot better. I also feel more responsible for the disagreements or confusions I create and this seminar has definitely cleared things up from the past and now." – Danielle Pecoraro


"I enjoyed the seminar because it reminded me of how amazing the simple tools that we have are. I also had some great realizations about the different types of energy and it's sort of broken things down into something a lot simpler. I also had some realizations about how I could really help some of my friends with their basic purpose and finding it." – Jenny Chandra


"This seminar about power and business ethics was the best seminar I have ever attended. I had a lot of realizations about how life can be controlled. I liked the fact that we looked at ethics conditions from the angle of energy conversion. Now I look at them with pleasure and I know that it will be easier for me to implement. There are a lot of tools on how to reach Power in any area!" – Olga Chadina, sales manager, Moscow


"For the last ten years I was looking for the answer – what is a purpose of my life? I had gotten some answers but there were separate pieces and I couldn't get the whole picture. Patrick Valtin's seminar on power and business ethics helped me to see a way where I can find answers to my questions. Life is now much easier to handle and the future is much brighter" – Evgeniy Rogatniov, General Manager, StPeterburg


"I had been applying the principles of ethics conditions for seven years and thought that I knew everything about them. But here on the seminar on power and business ethics delivered by Patrick Valtin, I got the main thing: what is the exact mechanism of the ethics conditions and why it works. This will help me to increase efficiency of such powerful tool as ethics conditions". – Anatoliy Migov, consultant, Moscow


"This seminar about power and business ethics delivered by Patrick Valtin was just amazing. I realized that when I know how to create a flow and agreement, I can see where I make a mistake, which allows me to create a flow toward power – in my business and in life". – Omary Kalaev, Gen.Manager, Moscow


"This seminar on power and business ethics delivered by Patrick Valtin was the best. I have received powerful data which will help me in life and business. I clarified a lot of questions. Now I can see a potential for my future actions. I revitalized those goals I gave up long ago and which had become kind of hopeless for me. This seminar showed me a way of solving many problems and of wanting to fight again" – Michail Pantukhov, deputy director, Moscow


"To come to this sales and marketing strategies seminar by Patrick Valtin, we had to fly 8000 km but we didn't regret about this even a minute. We realized two things: One, it doesn't matter what size of business you own – small or big – what income do you get – $10,000 or $1 million, you can use this technology and see the results immediately.

Two, when you learn how to sell something you can be certain (and we got this certainty on this seminar,) that you can sell whatever you want to whoever you want and be successful even if you start your business from zero." – Sergey Korenev and Lidia Koreneva, owners of trading business from Sakhalin (island near Japan)


"I expected that this sales and marketing strategies seminar would be useful. But what I didn't expect was that the data delivered by Patrick Valtin would be so understandable that you can use them immediately. I am going back home with great tools which will help me in my activity and will help me. I always considered that the sales job is very hard, even painful. Now I can see that sales can be very exciting". – Aleksander Orlov, Krasnodar