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Which Can Dramatically Reduce Sales Force Performances


EBook Sales ImageThis unique e-book is for sales managers or business owners. The author shares some proven, practical tips related to salesmanship as never revealed before. The book reaches far beyond product knowledge or sales closing techniques. This is about helping your sales reps develop:

  • Their relationship skills
  • Their desire to do their utmost for the customers sake
  • Their willingness to smoothly but firmly lead the customers to a natural close
  • Their negotiating skills to a level where the customers will WANT to buy from them

Organization of this eBook

The Mistake

Throughout our long experience as trainers, we have been able to detect 10 deadly mistakes or fatal approaches, made by over 90% of all sales reps.  Every mistake presented in this E-Book can cost you a huge volume of sales.  Every lost deal goes to some competitor while it dangerously reduces the willingness and strength of your concerned sale rep(s). The reason: most of them do not know why they failed to close!

The Remedy

For each detected mistake we present you a remedy or a golden rule which should never be ignored.  If each of these Golden Rules is thoroughly applied, it will markedly increase the sales rep is results and your company is profits.


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