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Developing a successful business, despite so many challenges in life, requires many different talents and aptitudes. Almost anyone can start a business. But how do you take it to the level where it runs in cruising mode – successful enough that it allows you to dedicate more time to your personal plans in life?

If you sometimes feel enslaved by your business, spending too much time “making it go right”, this program is for you. Your business should work for you – not the reverse. Sure, working hard is part of the success formula. But if your life is ONLY about work, something is wrong. The success formula is also: having other people happily and successfully doing the work for you…


  • To provide you with unique strategic management tools and principles, which will guarantee your success in developing/expanding your business to a level where your juniors can be counted on to run it for you - successfully.
  • To allow you to create and plan your future according to your dreams – and ensure these will become reality – faster than ever hoped!

Coaching & Training for Business Expansion

This program is delivered on a yearly basis – one 2-day session every other month for a total of 6 sessions. Each session is delivered during your chosen time and you will only have to pay for the first session to start with until further consultation. Patrick, or one of our professional coaches, will make sure to help you and your company prosper through all business aspects.

Once your two days are purchased, we will contact you immediately to schedule our arrival!

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"In the midst of the international crisis, without your priceless advice and help, I believe my condition would have been desperate. Instead we are now really booming and are in continuous expansion. Thank you!"

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