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No-Fail Hiring is a subsidiary of New Era Management International, and is one of our most famous services! 

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 Recruitment Marketing


We send you up to 10 Qualified candidates. You keep the best! 



We work with you until your perfect employee is on the job and producing.



We help you set up and operate the best and most effective hiring process.


Recomendations for the No-Fail Hiring System


“Patrick provided Digicon in No-Fail Hiring practice and principles; it included coaching and lessons of step-by-step best process for the day-to-day recruiting and interviewing. It's not only useful for building the long-term value in any organization, but also so practical that we could benefit from its immediate execution. Building a great team is a challenge to any leader and vital for the success of an organization, Patrick had great insights and experiences to translate a difficult issue into a result-oriented management best practice. I recommend his approach to anyone who wants to be a successful person in business and in life.”


“The No Fail Hiring System is a brilliant technique that puts employers in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing who to hire and who not to. It provides certainty on the exact characteristics of people who will give you endless trouble if you hire them - as well as those who will be wonderful employees. Highly recommended.”
Tony Rockliff, Owner T. Rockliff Productions


“I have known Patrick for quite some time and I must say that he is one of the best speakers and trainers that I have ever meet on the field of hiring. His new book (No Fail Hiring) is really giving companies some down to earth ways to make hiring workable by showing them which parts will cost them a lot of time and money if they do not do it right. The book is well written and gives a lot of information that is much more than just helpful for a company to really find good and motivated employees for the company. His system is really a must for anyone that had/has trouble with finding the right people for his/her company.”
- Eric Helle, Executive Director and Owner, Executive Success Ltd.


“"I first met Patrick at a seminar he was delivering on hiring and was immediately impressed by his command of the subject of the presentation. Later, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Patrick and the professionalism that he brings to everything he does really shined. Patrick truly cares about his clients and wants to help them succeed in life and business."”
- Diane D. Stein, President, Online & Social Media Public Relations, JoTo Extreme PR


“No Fail Hiring works! Simple, effective techniques to save you time, money and effort. I use these tools for my own business. I highly recommend anyone who has to hire employees to take advantage of this information.”
- Jim Mathers, President, Consumer Energy Solutions,Inc

“Having known Patrick Valtin for many years I can attest that he writes from direct proven experience. Unlike other authors who make up theories that move through the working world like fads of fashion, Patrick provides a tested and proven hiring technology - techniques that work and get results. Any company that is interested in building great teams, without the expensive and frustrating hit-and-miss that comes with hiring the wrong people, would benefit tremendously by following the steps discussed in Patrick's "No Fail Hiring."
- Ben Ochart, Sales Rep & Seminar Speaker, Sterling


“As an experienced business consultant and area I tend to work in with a client is their personnel department. Having read Patricks' book and done his workshop on the same, I can say my dealings in the personnel area with client has Greatly Improved. Times are changing in the US and we must be more vigilant in our hiring procedures. Patricks' book lays out a very surefire method of finding the Right people for your business. Highly Recommended! Keith B. Legg, Certified Master Consultant, President, Effective Business Solutions”
- Keith Legg, President, Effective Business Solutions


“Fantastic book that takes the complexity out of today's hiring scene. Yes - contrary common complainants there are good people to hire out there but, as always, you have to find and then recognize them before you hire. This book will help you do just that. Read it and start building your team.”
- Dr. Joel Parker, President, Professional Business Solutions


“The No-Fail Hiring System has helped provide us with insight into the hiring process that we have received nowhere else. I highly recommend NO FAIL HIRING to anyone who is in business. It could save you from grief and the loss of thousands of dollars.”
- Kathy Wach, President, Accelerated Training Solutions


“I have implemented the No Fail Hiring system in my company and it has worked perfectly. Patrick came to my business to deliver a workshop and did an excellent job. I have been hiring for 27 years and this is the best system I have ever used. I highly recommend Patrick and his system.”
Dr. Chuck Simons, Owner Simon Eyes Clinic


“I have personally used No-Fail Hiring and have found over and over again that if you do the exact steps given in the book, you cannot go wrong. You will actually be able to hire the exact right person for the job and do it in such a manner that you can avoid a multitude of problems later on. The other important point is that you can train your staff to use it. It is fully systematized. When you use it a couple of time, you become a believer. Especially when your new personnel are truly productive and are quickly made into confident, competent team members.”
- Bud Reichel, Coach/Consultant, Executive Life Coaching

“Patrick knows his subject matter. He's been involved in the real world of hiring for many, many years and has successfully recruited thousands of people. He has a track record only a handful of people could approach. His book "No Fail Hiring" is easy to follow and apply. No business owner should be without it!”
- Kevin Wilson, Chairman & CEO, Sterling


“Patrick is quite simply one of the world's foremost hiring experts. Readers will be treated to hiring advise by the master himself.”
- Bruce Wiseman, Owner, On Target Research


"We recently starting using the No-Fail Hiring System approach in our practice, and already we've seen an improvement in the quality of hires that we have done. The step-by-step guidelines make it very clear how to implement the program. Immediately after the in-office training, we did hire at least 10 people to fill posts, and so far they are all working out well. I think it has really helped us narrow down our candidates to those who have the potential for success. Thanks to the system, we haven't needed to do as much hiring recently - which is a good thing! Thanks so much for your help.”
- Kate Watson, Office Manager Simon Eyes Clinic.


“I went from knowing nothing about HR to being able to interview and hire candidates who are in fact candidates whom I want working in the company. No more wasted time hiring and training someone who turns out to be "nothing but trouble" or a "waste of time and money. It's fast, it's easy and it works. With the No Fail Hiring I have the tools and more importantly to me the certainty to hire the people I know will produce the needed and wanted products and help carry out the big picture of the company.”
- Erin F. Godfrey, H.R. Manager Simon Eye Associates


“You are an incredible guy. Your hiring suggestions, as outlined beautifully in your new book, No Fail Hiring, along with your consulting advice over the years is exceptional and exchange in abundance. There is so much reality and TRUTH in the book you recently released. I have had no less than 10 of my own clients benefit from buying and using make my life so much easier for the people I consult who struggle with the travails of terrible hiring processes that are the norm. I also have to report: our first hiring cycle via many of the tools you have given is a DONE!!!!! We hired someone who is TRULY INCREDIBLE and we really, really applied your tools, modified, of course for our particular business and needs. She is a wonderful addition to the team and will likely become one of our best hires, something that has value beyond money or words as you well know. Crazy, how many things lined up in the cycle of hiring her, so much was RIGHT about it. HIRE HARD, MANAGE EASY!!!! I Love It! Thank you so much!" 
- Curry Chaudoir, Dipl.Ac. - Member: Foundation for Wellness Professionals Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates


"Patrick Valtin's hot new book, No Fail Hiring, was very eye-opening to me. I have been helping people with their personnel problems for over 3 decades and given our increasingly complex HR environment, this is the best book I've seen to bring one up to speed. In fact, I went ahead and attended Patrick's workshops on hiring and plan to use what I learned with my own clients. Thanks very much for this excellent contribution to a critical area of business."
- David Sander, Management Consultant.

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"We recently started using Patrick Valtin's No-Fail Hiring™ approach in our practice, and already we've seen an improvement in the quality of hires we've done. His step-by-step guidelines make it very clear how to implement the program."

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