True Leadership

How to Get Your People Naturally Motivated to Work Hard For You!


If you manage a team, 80 to 90% of your energy and time is devoted to making things happen. And your experience shows it: the biggest frustration in managing people is to realize that most of your personnel might not be as motivated as you are in handling daily tasks and responsibilities.

Effective leadership starts with a good understanding of human behavior. Behind every disappointment or frustration with an employee, a colleague or a business associate, you will always find a lack of understanding of his/her intentions or reactions.

What is a true leader? What makes the difference between what you hear or read about, and what you SHOULD be? How does a true leader perform in ANY situation, challenge or crisis?


  • To help you develop an optimal understanding of Human Behavior in managing people. If you are a business owner or an executive, most of your success depends on your ability to drive your juniors and to motivate them. Stated bluntly, you must “make things happen” through people.
  • To provide you with the true data about effective, down-to-earth leadership. How do you lead people to work not only for you, but for the future of your business? How do you make yourself un-necessary and yet get what you want from your juniors?

New Era Leader
Coaching & Training

This program can delivered “in-house” if your company has at least 12 executives. The typical workshop is delivered over a two-day period. Patrick, or one of our professional coaches, will make sure to help you and your company prosper through all business aspects.

Once your two days are purchased, we will contact you immediately to schedule our arrival!

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"This seminar has helped me learn more effective tools to handle juniors, coworkers, and my own post with better focus and effectiveness. I was glad we could all do this, as a company, so we could share ideas and rededicate ourselves to our purpose."

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