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Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Our Life coaches use the appropriate tools to help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals. Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and our coaches are not therapists.



If you are a busy executive managing a business or a team, a good balance between your professional life and "the rest" can be a serious challenge. Whatever the word "balance" means to you, we can help you work out a plan to reach it so that you get entire satisfaction from both fields: your professional career and your personal life.



The purpose of our life coaching programs is to empower you in the main two areas of life (your career and your private life) and assist you in finding the perfect balance between these two.

You can receive direct assistance on the following challenges:

  • How do you set the right priorities for your life, so that your career does not take 90% of it?
  • How do you make a plan for personal success and happiness?
  • What does it take to align ALL your life activities -professional or not, so that you can stay focused on achieving the most of each?
  • How do you develop a strong and lasting relationship while working hard at your professional career?
  • How to keep young with the head and strong with the body, no matter what age you are?
  • And much more...

Life Coaching Services

Sometimes business is not the only place where one needs some professional advice. Contact us using the form on the right and we will give you a free consultation to see what we can do for you.

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"It is not just his professional approach that makes Patrick Valtin a very valuable consultant or trainer. It is also that above it all is his willingness to help and his unlimited dedication to have his customers or friends succeed in business and in life."

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