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Find out how to expand your business with results-driven marketing.


Smart Marketing & PR Strategies



Marketing should be a major component of your long-term business strategy, and making sure you follow today's norms is a must.

Forget what you have learned at school: marketing is not what is used to be and you must be ready for it.

This very special session is about making your company UNIQUE on the market.


To share unique, practical and smart marketing tools that will dramatically improve your presence and leadership on the market!


  • What is the untold definition of marketing and how do you use it to outrun the competition?
  • What is the biggest mistake 90% of small businesses make in marketing – and how do you avoid it?
  • How can you position your business so that customers will always think about you FIRST?
  • How do you create promotional documents that really attract attention and qualified prospects?
  • What are the 3 golden rules of promotion that most companies violate – and how to use those effectively?
  • What are all of the necessary online tools to operate in your company to become the best on the internet.

Coaching & Training for No-Fail Marketing

Marketing today is one of the most important subjects in business. From the basics, all the way to today’s top online tools, we will cover everything you need to know to be successful in your marketing. The typical workshop is delivered over a two-day period. Patrick, or one of our professional coaches, will make sure to help you and your company prosper through all business aspects.

Once your two days are purchased, we will contact you immediately to schedule our arrival!


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"If I had come to this before I started my marketing ventures, I would have spent only 60 instead of 60,000. Patrick explained the principles, we drilled the procedures and this has stripped away my false data on the subject of marketing and given me the tools and viewpoint to make it work effectively and efficiently."

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