Create More Time In Your Life!

And enjoy doing the things you love.


Time is probably the most valuable asset an executive has – or lacks! When you have enough of it you can plan your most awarding actions. When you have a lack of it, life can just get miserable and go out of (your) control.

Knowing that you will always have a maximum of 24 hours in a day, the way you manage your time and your priorities is crucial, if you are looking at dramatically expanding your business - fast. The first and most effective leverage in improving general productivity in the business is YOU!


  • To help you live your business and private life on a “create” basis rather than on a “cope” basis. In other words, to help you create enough time for you to flourish and prosper in business as well as in your private life.
  • This seminar is a “personal efficiency” test for any business owner or top executive. You will learn how to cut down ineffective and unproductive actions – those which do NOT contribute to making you richer, happier and more satisfied. Whether you are looking to save time or to be more time-efficient for the business or for your private life, this seminar will provide you with the right tools to slash wasted energy, overwhelm and/or exhaustion on the job.

Coaching & Training for Time Management

This workshop will help you make the best of your time, and will have the best return on your investment! The typical workshop is delivered over a two-day period. Patrick, or one of our professional coaches, will make sure to help you and your company prosper through all business aspects.

Once your two days are purchased, we will contact you immediately to schedule our arrival!

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"Patrick Valtin helped me handle business issues which had bogged me for a long time. He spent as much time as needed to make sure that I would be able to implement his advices. The Hubbard Management technology that he represents is fantastic and to the point. I am convinced that Patrick's amazing knowledge of this technology was fundamental to my fast recovery – in business and in life."

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