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The Professional Sales Effectiveness Assessment™ (P.S.E.A.) is the most complete and most comprehensive assessment tool for measuring selling skills and potential. Based on the evaluation of over 20,000 sales professionals, it allows you to assess a salesperson's needs for improvement and to quickly improve his/her performance.


Your Best Sales Management Tool:

The P.S.E.A. rates a sales person's effectiveness against each of 20 success criteria in selling, and recommends immediate actions to:

  • Increase personal performance, right away.
  • Help the salesperson create a stronger rapport with the customer fast.
  • Develop a more loyal base of delighted customers.
  • Make the salesperson generally more successful in terms of money, free time and energy!
  • It is a PRODUCTIVITY test for salespeople, because it detects areas of weakness which need to be addressed and corrected.
  • It is a POTENTIAL measurement test, because it precisely evaluates if a salesperson has the needed skills to perform and succeed in a specific work environment.
  • It is a great HELP tool, because it allows a salesperson to face and recognize what needs to be improved, corrected or changed, in order to boost his or her personal performance and results on the job.
  • The P.S.E.A. provides invaluable information for helping you, as a sales manager, to improve a sales person's performance and results FAST!

It is easy to use and fast to process. As it is a web-based technology, you simply go online and have the sales person fill the test either from your office or from his home. You get the results within minutes.

It is twice as precise as any existing psychometric test. Its precision approximates 90% - more when coupled with the evaluation system offered by our company.

It is based solely on good sense and on experience. The author of the P.S.E.A. has personally evaluated or trained over 65,000 sales professionals.

It is job related, meaning: the results are analyzed against a job situation. When you use our personalized evaluation services, you receive specific information against a specific sales job entirely related to your organization

Some examples of information provided by the P.S.E.A.:

  • Can the evaluated salesperson persist in action?
  • What is her level of drive and courage?
  • Is she loyal and willing to work in your team?
  • Can she be trusted and will her customers believe in her?
  • Is she mainly result-oriented or more action-oriented?
  • What is her primary motivation to work?
  • What is her level of honesty and straightforwardness?
  • How is her market intelligence knowledge?
  • Can she go for the close in front of tough customers?
  • Is she naturally service-oriented?
  • Does she have the needed passion and conviction?
  • What needs to be done right away to improve the tested person's sales performance?

NOTE: This assessment can be delivered with a 1 hour personalized phone evaluation, with recommendations, by one of our consultants. Add $249.00 for our personalized evaluation.

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