New Era Selling for Sales Managers & Business Owners

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How to Sell to Tough Buyers...

and Turn Them Into Your Most Loyal Customers!

The Challenge

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About New Era Selling for
Sales Managers & Business Owners


 For many professionals, selling is becoming an impossible mission. The first reason is: there are more and more competitors out there who swear they have a better product or service.

 The second reason is: the customer is getting more confused and more skeptical than ever. The more choice there is, the less easy it is to decide. And the money often seems to lack.

 There is a third reason: old-fashioned, classical selling does not work anymore. Whatever “great” argument you present, someone can present a “better one”. Your “best” logical proof of superiority does not guarantee that he will buy…from you!


  • To share with you the secrets laws of selling as it must occur in today’s market, in order to be successful. To allow you to be unique in your approach and to help  you boost your results by at least  50% - right NOW!
  • To allow you to thrive and succeed in these difficult economic times, with full confidence, by providing you with the right tools and tips in the field of salesmanship and professional negotiation.

Coaching & Training
for Sales Managers & Business Owners

This workshop (for sales managers and business owners) is delivered “in-house” for companies with more than 10 salespeople. The typical workshop is delivered over a two-day period. Patrick, or one of our professional coaches, will make sure to help you and your company prosper through all business aspects.

Once your two days are purchased, we will contact you immediately to schedule our arrival!

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