Business-Poweriser Assessment™


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The Business-Poweriser Assessment™ is an organizational effectiveness analysis. It evaluates vital strategic management functions which may require your attention and energy on a daily basis. The analysis is based on an IDEAL SCENE for each of these functions, measured against the profile of thousands of successful entrepreneurs. Each of these functions should operate optimally and be well coordinated with all others.

The purpose of this assessment is first to detect the areas of operating weaknesses which may temper or impede the expansion of your business activity.  Then it becomes possible to develop a diagnosis and to determine what can or must be done to accelerate expansion or to stop contraction.

A strong, stable expansion and a higher level of income can be attained only if the right actions are undertaken in the right sequence. The Business-Poweriser Assessment™ is a perfect tool to help you implement the right actions NOW in order to boost your income and set the path to a stronger, faster expansion.

The assessment comes with a 1 hour personalized phone evaluation, with recommendations, by one of our consultants.

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